Coach Builders - Freestone and Webb

Freestone and Webb was formed in 1923 by V E Freestone and A J Webb for the sole purpose of car body building.

Mr. Freestone was from Crossley Motors and Mr. Webb came from a French firm of coachbuilders. Its workshops were at Brentfield Road Willesden London which was its only home during its existence as an independent company. They concentrated on building bodies to private order on Rolls-Royce and Bentley chassis, output on the Rolls-Royce eventually averaging some 15 per year. One of the body designs developed by Freestone and Webb became known as the "Top Hat".

The firm also had a hand in popularising the "razor edge" style. During World War II the company switched to aircraft production, mainly working on Spitfire wing tips. Freestone and Webb exhibited regularly at the London Motor Show and for nine consecutive years won the Gold Medal in the private Coachbuilders competition. On the death of A J Webb in 1955 the company was taken over by H R Owen Ltd of Berkeley Street London W1, but continued to build bodies only until 1958.